Lonely Papa

by khairilsafwan

Ramli Bin Abbas, 60 years old is a buskers who entertain visitors at Bukit Bintang, Kuala lumpur almost every night. A wheelchaired-bound he follow up along the lanes entertaining the visitors passing by. Ramli who  is more fondly known as “Papa Rock” among  frequent visitors to Bukit Bintang and youngsters who are also buskers just like him.

37 years ago, an accident happened which saw Ramli lost his ability to walk. After 17 years of strive just to able to walk again his effort suffered a huge blow when the doctor diagnosed him with a spine cancer. Adding salt to the wound his beloved wife left him for his condition. He used to worked as technician at  Lembaga Letrik Negara(TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD) for 20 years but due to  his disability he was asked to quit his job.

Today, during his old days music is the only thing that he can do. Accompanying him, his wheelchair cruising along the pavement in Bukit Bintang entertaining the passers by. Almost 8 weeks recording Papa’s side of life, in not only seeing him playing his music and singing his song, but deep inside I can see and feel that he is trying to wave the happiness that once used to his. I’m sure footages of papa’s life won’t stop here…